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Koroleva Queen





Aero Majestic-Aero Babooshka
September 2016


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15 JUNE 2018 (see video here)

9 JUNE 2018 (see video here)

1 JUNE 2018 (see video here)
Sent off at even money favourite from trap 3 Queenie fluffed her break but charged after the field and 'barged' her way through to emerge from the second bend in 4th place. She stormed down the back straight and proceeded to run around the field at the third and fourth bends. She gamely chased the leader but finished 2nd in 29.12.

22 MAY 2018 (see video here)
After a long wait Queenie was back on track (against our own Nothing But Love) in A8 grade. She was sent off at 9/4 from trap 3 and a better break from her saw her in the pack at the first bend. She weavedher way around and came out in 3rd place. She pushed on down the back straight and cut through the leaders to go clear at the third bend. She then pushed on to record her first victory by 3 1/2 lengths in a very good 28.85.

11 MAY 21018 (see video here)
Koroleva Queen was a late addition to a P4 race on Friday evening. In a tough looking race she was sent off at 6/1 from trap 4. A slightly better break but she was still last to the first bend bumping into the back of the other runners. She ran on into 5th going into the 3rd bend and then railed brilliantly and ran on strongly to finish dead heat 2nd in her best time yet of 29.21.

5 MAY 2018 (see video here)
Running from trap 5 in A8 grade Queenie was sent off at 7/3 favourite and we were hopeful of a strong run. Another slow break saw her last out the traps but she chased the field to the bend and came out in 4th place down the back straight. She tried to run around the outside of the leaders on the last bends and looked like she might catch them but it was too much to ask and she finished sh and neck 3rd in 29.70.

20 APRIL 2018 (see video here)
In A8 grade Queenie ran at 9/2 from trap 4. She was last out of the traps but showed good early pace to catch the field and force her way through on the inside hitting the rail in the process. She emerged in 3rd place and set off after the leaders. She ran into 2nd place on the run in and finished in 29.31.

7 APRIL 2018 (see video here)
A delayed debut for Queenie after last week's meeting was rained off. She had to make a tough debut from trap 4 in a P4 race and was sent off at 6/1. She was very slow away and at the back of the field at the first bend but making ground and had to check t the 2nd. She ran on again down the back straight only to be badly checked at the 3rd. She finished 5th in 29.72.

21 MARCH 2018 (see video here)
A better break (4.38 split) in a 3 dog trial saw Queenie win by 9 3/4 lengths in 29.24 calc.

14 MARCH 2018 (see video here)
In her first run over 480 metres Queenie ran from trap 5 in a 3 dog trial. After another very slow start (4.54 split) she ran on into 2nd place and saw the trip out well. Her time was a calc 29.54 on a very slow (-60) track.

 7 MARCH 2018 (see video here)
In her very first time on the Towceser track over 260 metres Queenie absolutely strolled out the traps but then looked good and ran very well to record 16.59.