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Nothing But Love




Confident Rankin-Evanta Evita
November 2016 bitch

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15 SEPTEMBER 2018 (see video here)
After a long wait for her first race Saffy lined up in A8 grade at 7/1 from trap 4. Not a bad break for her saw her in touch and she railed the firt ttwo bends well to run in 3rd place down the back straight. Still improving she then bad to check badly at the third bend dropping back to 5th place.  She challenged on the run in but could not improve on 5th place in 28.93.

In her final qualifying trial Saffy was again 3rd in a three dog trial but improved to finish in 28.81.

29 AUGUST 2018
In her first look at the Henlow track after Towceter's closure Saffy came 3rd in a three dog trial in 29.06.

11 AUGUST 2018 (see video here)
In A6 grade Saffy was sent off at 11/3 from trap 4. A very level break saw her squashed for room at the first bend.  She ran on into 4th place down the back and challenged to finish a close up 4th in 29.54.

3 AUGUST 2018 (see video here)
No racing at Towcester last weekend so Saffy ran again in A6 grade from trap 6. She was heavily backed and went off at 6/4 favourite. Her normal slow break saw her held out very wide in last place at the first bend. She progressed to 4th down the back but could not improve on this and finished in 29.36.

22 JULY 2018 (see video here)
Back down to A6 grade Saffy went off at 7/2 from trap 4. A slow break but good early pace saw her in 4th place at the first bend. She challenged going into the 3rd bend and off the 4th showed determination to split the leaders but ended up going down by just 1/4 length in 29.18.

15 JULY 2018 (see video here)
Saffy came in as a late reserve in the "new" A5 grade and really had no chance running from trap 6 at 6/1. She was in last place to the bend but ran well down the back only to be crowded at the 4th bend but she found space on the run in and ran on well to finish 4th in 29.24.

7 JULY 2018 (see video here)
After Towcester's re-grading Saffy ran from trap 4 in A3 grade at 6/1/. An OK break saw her involved in crowding at the first and she came out vying for 2nd place with kennelmate Ballyfinn Jade. They both chased after the leader and in a blanket finish Saffy finished a head and a short head 3rd in her best time of 29.18.

23 JUNE 2018 (see video here)
Up to A8 grade for her win she was sent off at 4/1 from trap 4 and a slow break saw her last to the bend. There she had to hurdle a fallen dog and she was tailed off 5th. She could not improve her position and finished in 29.69.

17 JUNE 2018 (see video here)
From trap 5 in A9 grade Saffy was sent off at 6/1 and was again last out of the traps. She manouevred herself around the first bends to come out in 4th place and then ran on into 3rd down the back straight.  Then she took off at the third bend and ran round the outside of the leading two to win her very first race in 29.54.

8 JUNE 2018 (see video here)
Dropped to A9 grade Saffy ran at 4/1 from trap 5. Another tardy break saw her running a bit green at the back of the field but she was noted running on into 5th place on the run in in 29.72.

22 MAY 2018 (see video here)
On her race debut Saffy lined at up in trap 5 in A8 grade. A very slow break (4.51 split) saw her always in arrears in a race won by our own Koroleva Queen. It was all good experience for her and she finished in 29.90.  Unfortunately she was found to be coughing the next day and so will be off the track for a couple of weeks.

9 MAY 2018 (see video here)
In her final qualifying trial Saffy broke slightly better and railed at the first bend to take 2nd place. Still looking green she kept on well and beat her litter sister for the first time in a much improved 29.36 calc.

2 MAY 2018 (see video here)
In her first 480 3 dog trial Saffy absolutely walked out the traps but ran on well throughout the race and finished strongly enough in 3rd place in a cal time of 29.74.

25 APRIL 2018 (see video here)
Saffy ran from trap 6 in a 3 dog sprint trial. A level  break but her sister Energize Bobadee took the lead and after checking at the 2nd bend she finished 3rd in 16.06, a good improvement.

18 APRIL 2018 (see video here)
In her first look at the Towcester track Saffy ran a 260 metre solo.  An ok break saw her then stretch out very well and record 16.35 staying on well to the pick up.