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21st April 2020


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We are now set for at least another 3 weeks of lockdown before any restrictions can be lifted and like everyone else we can only hope that the world is in a better place then. From our point of view people's health has to come before greyhound racing, and rightly so, all we can do is keep the dogs in our care happy and as fit as we can. Our passion to do this is unwavering and I’m more than happy with the full day that all the kennel is getting, long let outs in our large paddocks, walks and grooms and a top class feed including breakfast and ‘Hotel Imperial’ is a great place to be if you're a greyhound! Yes, they miss the racing big time, as we do, but I’m positive that once we get the green light they will be fit and ready to go.
There’s not much news we can give and with most of the industry around us seemingly furloughed their workers, including the GBGB, my calls last week to try and plan for the future, given the time on most people's hands, is not going to happen, we can only hope the time off has given some people some focus on what needs to happen when we resume racing. Last week I almost wrote a long paragraph highlighting the fears and worries of a lot of people on what’s happening to the Greyhound Trust, who seemed to be in a financial plight, I thought in the end maybe I should leave it out, which I did, as I felt that I really didn’t know enough about the whole funding etc subject of the trust. Interestingly it looks like the whole Greyhound Trust is now under close scrutiny as the GBGB/BGRF have written a strong letter to them questioning their financial matters and why they have seemed to have run out of money. Needless to say if this situation is not sorted out and any retired greyhounds suffer because of it then we all might be looking for a new job in a few months' time. The CEO and Chairman of the Greyhound Trust have been asked to answer for their actions and financial spending by the BGRF who are their chief donors (via the bookmakers contributions) and I say again, rightly so!
I’m thinking of another good quiz at the moment to keep our readers entertained but it’s not quite ready yet but in the meantime I have some interesting lockdown Q & A from ‘Team Wallis’ at Imperial kennels :-
Question 1: What have you done more of during lockdown?
Mark - Cleaning and playing poker at night
Sarah - Spent more time on the phone keeping in touch with family and friends
Daniel - Watch TV
Emily - A lot more working at the kennels
Sid - Grass cutting
Justine - Sitting down and relaxing
Kat - A lot more reading
Kevin - Walking
Kiera - Decorating
Linda - Housework and cleaning
Mick - Building a brewer's dray
Maureen - Gardening
Question 2: What’s the best TV series you have watched?
Mark - Ozark
Sarah - The Nest
Daniel - Breaking Bad (again)
Emily - Money Heist
Sid - Yorkshire Vet
Justine - Westworld
Kat - Gavin and Stacey
Kevin - Sunderland Till I Die
Kiera - Benidorm
Linda - Super Smart Animals and Our Girl
Mick - Portrait Artist of the Year
Maureen - Our Girl
Question 3: What’s the best film you have watched?
Mark - Yesterday
Sarah - Rambo Last Stand
Daniel - The Godfather
Emily - The Blind Side
Sid - James Bond movies
Justine - World War Z
Kat - Greg Davies comedy dvd
Kevin - Layer Cake (again)
Kiera - Girls Trip
Linda - Gladiator
Mick - Heavens Gate
Maureen - Funny Girl
Question 4: What are you most likely to do first when lockdown is over?
Mark - Get a round of golf in
Sarah - See family and friends
Daniel - Get a tattoo
Emily - Go Racing!
Sid - Barbers/pub
Justine - See family
Kat - Get together with family and friends
Kevin - Trials at Towcester and Henlow
Kiera - Meet family and friends at the pub
Linda - Visit family, especially great granddaughter Willow, and shopping
Mick - Re-book holidays
Maureen - See family and friends
Question 5: What dog are you most looking forward to watching when racing resumes?
Mark - Bumblebee Bullet
Sarah - Antigua Bullet
Daniel - Smile a Mile
Emily - Hardy Rebel
Sid - Smile a Mile
Justine - Antigua Bullet
Kat - Have A Brandy
Kevin - Aayamza Royale
Kiera - Domino Charm
Linda - Far Froman Angel
Mick - Mine if I had one
Maureen - Saffrons Xpress
So that just leaves me to say I hope everyone stays safe and well