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30th March 2020


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If ever I’ve had to really stop and think about what I’m going to write for our regular blog then today is the day. My all time favourite group ’James’ produced a brilliant album last year aptly named ‘Living in extraordinary times’ (a brilliant album I must say) and never has that title been more apt than where we are at this moment. Because of this disturbing and horrible COVID 19 virus the country is in virtual lockdown and greyhound racing, as with any leisure activity, is of little importance compared to everyone’s safety. Of course I can go on and depress everyone about what’s happening in the world and why we are not racing but let’s at least try and be optimistic and see if we can, over the next few weeks or more, try and put a smile on peoples faces.
Firstly, I realise how lucky we are to be able to actually come to work as obviously these greyhounds still have to be fed and looked after and boy! are we giving them maximum attention! We are extra careful when not at work, adhering stringently to the government advice, but the fact we are more or less a family run business we can operate without any major disruption, no one but us and the staff (who I trust implicitly) is allowed on our premises and unfortunately it has to stay that way until we get back to a sense of normality. I certainly couldn’t begin to imagine what it would be like for those people that can’t work and are stuck at home virtually 24/7. Financially it’s going to be tough, and I’m not going to get drawn into the many arguments our industry faces in this current crisis just yet, but we have to get through it somehow, one thing is guaranteed, our dogs' welfare is, as usual, the highest possible priority outside of our own personal safety.
From next week I’m going to put some great blogs up with quizzes, features and a host of other stuff so please keep reading. I’m getting ready to do a couple of podcasts and if you follow me on Twitter you will see some fantastic tweets including a daily archive race from our kennel's history. Also with the enormous help from my daughter Emily as well as Sarah, Mick and Maureen our Instagram and Facebook pages will be full of pictures and videos of our wonderful greyhounds that for at least a short time can stop us thinking about the world we are living in.
Please everyone stay safe and well
Mark Wallis