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6th April 2020


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Without being too gloomy we are right in the middle of this Coronavirus crisis and of course we can do nothing but adhere to the government guidelines set out and hope that we can all get through this as safely as possible. We ourselves are probably luckier than most in the fact that we can come to work each day as our dogs have to be attended to. As I said before we are pretty much a family run business so four of us are in the same household, our staff, Sid lives on site and both Kat and Justine a short distance from the kennel. We are pretty isolated where we are so don’t really see too many people and no one but the us and the staff are allowed near the kennels. Our day is still a 10 hour plus one as while we are in lockdown with no racing every dog is receiving maximum attention with regular grooms and walks and we have not skimped on their feed one little bit. They are all jumping out of their skins at the moment and we can clearly see how much they are missing not going racing, I fear they might have to wait a few weeks yet, though I’m certainly not going to make a prediction on when we can resume and to be honest I’m more concerned about the safety and well being of all our families and friends than I am about when we will get to the track again.
I would also like to say a massive thank you to all our owners for the massive support they have given to us as they realise all the dogs still have to be looked after and fed whilst our staff still have to be paid and the bills for running our kennels still keep rolling in. We have had some support from both the GBGB and our Henlow promoter Kevin Boothby which is invaluable and I’m hopeful we can get through the other side still in tact financially but like everyone else a prolonged lockdown into June/July or worse will be a real worry. No matter what happens or how long it takes our dogs will never want for nothing while I’m still here on this planet.
On a more light hearted note I hope everyone is enjoying my twitter feed @wallis_mark where we are putting up an Imperial Kennels archive race up everyday until we return to racing. Our Facebook page (markwallisgreyhounds) and Instagram page also have loads of pictures and videos of all our dogs (and staff!) enjoying themselves at the kennel. On Twitter I put up some memorabilia from Walthamstow (parading coats, dog coats etc) that I found when tidying up some cupboards which proved hugely popular and I was inundated with requests for it all. If I find any other bits and pieces from the Stow I will do the same, again a £10 donation to the NHS for each item seems appropriate. I’m also hoping to get our podcasts going again and I have a couple of ideas for this, if there is anything else anyone would like to see us do then feel free to drop us a line.
For a little bit of fun I’ve created a little cryptic quiz just for this website.
Simply guess these 20 Imperial Kennel Category 1 winning dogs from these cryptic clues, answers next week.
1 - Wellington Ammunition
2 - Beep your horn Knot at this Lady
3 - I’m not scared of any person
4 - This popular working mans club game definitely needs to be played in doors
5 - Bleach this famous comedy prison character
6 - Needy forrest is very cold
7 - Place of birth my darling
8 - Grow this crop if you are a daft jet
9 - it’s a bit sketchy in this Irish county
10 - Canadian aeroplane
11 - Speak up or I will miss you
12 - In a sort of nice way pull the rabbit out of the hat
13 - A little bit chancy
14 - Fabric breeches
15 - Deadly in the jungle
16 - Monthly big cat
17 - Middle order
18 - A mods coat is very explosive
19 - Chocolate bar is poetry in motion
20 - This gem is a proper bad boy
That just leaves me to say please stay safe