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Monday 15th October 2012


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Clive Feltham the Chief Excecutive of the GRA and Chair of the RCPA (Race Course Promoters Association) who I spoke about in last week's newsletter has made the headlines in Friday's Racing Post when he called for the GBGB to set up a body for an urgent review of the industry
because of the falling numbers in both greyhounds and practitioners in our sport! Talk about 'after the horse has bolted'. I along with many trainers and breeders predicted these problems would arise nearly two years ago but of course our representation wouldn't have passed these
concerns on because they never communicated with us. For Clive Felthamt o speak up is ludicrous behind belief, his GRA have no interest in the future of the industry and are merely just property speculators, why should they now care about our current state!

Let's face it we can save the industry a lot of money on a ridiculous review as the shortage of both canine and humans is down to the fact that the majority of prize money levels are less than those of ten years ago. As a result owners have disappeared at an unbelievable rate because they can not afford to sustain their hobby, this then has a knock on effect to trainers and breeders who, without owners, can't make it pay. This along with lack of investment in facilities from many promoters (unless they are one of the fortunate ones to get capital grant money from our BGRF) with the GRA, who Clive Feltham represents, being the chief culprit.

I suspect also that this review body will also not have anyrepresentation from the current GTA or from anybody else that might tell them things they don't like to hear - an utter waste of time and money we can ill afford to lose. The answers to the problems in my opinion are twofold but most likely not got a cat in hells chance of happening. Firstly they need to work with our Irish counterparts and throw a couple of million over a two year period to regenerate the breeding on both sides of the water. Secondly, as per the proposed budget plans recently supplied by the GTA the prize money fund should increase from £2 million to £4.2 million with immediate effect from 2013.

Away from the politics of the sport I have been very pleased with the response to our kennel's new 'Racing Club' to be launched on November 1st and we now have the full details available for all to see on our dedicated 'Racing Club' page. Our first club greyhound I Am Titanium
has been all marked up and registered and is due to have a handslip at Yarmouth this Thursday. I'm also excited by reports of our potential second club purchase a June 11 whelp that I have put a deposit on so please don't miss out on your chance to join this affordable way to be an owner at Imperial kennels.

On the track it was a hugely disappointing week where overall our kennel seems a touch out of form and definitely out of luck. Although our runners have not run badly we are just not quite firing on all cylinders. We will be working hard to put that right as we have a massive few weeks ahead of us starting on Thursday with the TV Trophy heats. Both Blonde Reagan and Hometown Honey were defeated at Monmore on Saturday but I am still hopeful they can be real contenders. Bridge Ruth, one of three potential Oaks contenders recently arrived from Ireland, made her debut last night at Coventry but a poor draw in trap 4 was her downfall as she finished second but she will certainly be winning soo. Risky Trophy was thrown in the deep end at Monmore on Saturday and was well beaten but will improve over the coming months. This Thursday Airforce Diva will make her debut at Hove and after some impressive sub 30 second qualifying trials much is expected.






Benkaat Boy

The open results don't make pretty reading this week starting at Henlow where Kinda Neat was outclassed in the Sky supporting races and Lil Risky missed his break when runner up in the Sprint. Back to Henlow on Thursday for the heats of the Gold Cup and only Darian Chief and Swift Freeze qualified for the semi's when both third. In other races Benkaat Boy bucked the trend when bolting up in a 428m and Shambo Shine was unlucky when racing clear over 692m but the hare had to be stopped when a dog that was knocked over turned back to run towards the field.

On Saturday at Crayford Mountjoy Orion could not get the uncontested lead she needed and was eventually last in the final of the Heineken Kent St Leger. Over at Monmore both Blonde Reagan and Hometown Honey were beaten in what were effectively trial stakes for the TV Trophy and Risky Rosaleen was best of our others when third over 630m.

At Coventry on Sunday our luck was still out as Bridge Ruth, Bridge Honcho and Carden Twilight were all second and Jazz Tilly got no sort of run when fourth.






Ballyfin Oscar


Only runners on Saturday where Risky Blue qualified for the semi's of the Yarmouth Championship and both Ballyfinn Oscar and Mountjoy Eagle were second in other races while our luck was again out when Swift Lucozade looked set to score but the hare also was forced to be stopped.














Lil Risky will attempt to go one better on Sky when he travels to Newcastle on Wednesday.

On Thursday a busy day when we travel to Monmore for the heats of the TV Trophy and other supporting competitions and Darian Chief and Swift Freeze run in the semi's of the Henlow Gold Cup while Airforce Diva will make her debut at Hove.

We will have runners at Romford on Friday.








The TV Trophy heats commence on Thursday and both our contenders could be in better form but I still think they could be big runners so a small investment in Hometown Honey is recommended. On Thursday the Henlow Gold Cup reaches the semi-final stage and though totally unconsidered I can see a big run from Swift Freeze who is drawn well and he might be worth playing ante-post as well.

HOMETOWN HONEY - 1 pt e.w ante-post - Ladbrokes T.V Trophy - Monmore - Thursday

BLONDE REAGAN - 1 pt e.w ante-post - Ladbrokes T.V Trophy - Monmore - Thursday

SWIFT FREEZE - 2 pts win - Henlow - Thursday

SWIFT FREEZE - 1 pt e.w ante-post 50/1 - Henlow Gold Cup - semi's Thursday



MOUNTJOY ORION - 3 pts win - Kent St Leger - Crayford - lost